July 11, 2021

uly 11th, 2021 

Facebook Livestream and Recorded Worship

Please remember – a virtual service is still available at our Calvary Moravian Church Allentown Facebook page each Sunday.     We also will try to put the service on Calvary’s Youtube Channel by Sunday at 1 p.m.   

INSIDE Worship:

Mask Policy of Calvary: If you come to the church and you’re fully vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask. But please continue to monitor your health and don’t attend in-person worship if you feel ill.

Joyful Noise 

In July we will collect for the local organization Family Promise, which assists children experiencing homelessness and their families by housing families in local churches and providing a day center for them.   

Cool Treats, Summer Nights

Each last Wednesday of month (July 28th), join us outside between 7-8 p.m. for a cool treat from Sprinkles Ice Cream truck as well as live music.    Children and Families are welcome to come at 6:30 p.m. for a special storytime, crafts  and Free Books from our Reading Room- and stay for ice cream and music!  

Who is John Hus?   

John Hus was a Roman Catholic priest who taught at the University of Prague and preached in the Bethlehem chapel in Prague, Czech Republic in the late 14th and early 15th century.    His reforms and challenges to church doctrine drew the attention of the head of the Church and after refusing to recant his beliefs, Hus was burned at the stake as a heretic. 

When John Hus died on July 6, 1415, he refused to recant his beliefs that forgiveness should not

be sold through indulgences, that the Bible should be read and preached in the common language

and other church reforms. His followers continued to study and practice as Hus taught, and in

1457 declared themselves a distinct church, the Unitas Fratrum (Unity of the Brethren) – later known as the Moravian Church, since they were from the Moravia region of the Czech Republic.  Today we gratefully remember the reforms and sacrifices of our church’s inspiration, John Hus, with the celebration of Holy Communion.

All copyrighted song used with permission from CCLI Copyright License Number 2626163 and Streaming License Number 21081607. 

July 11, 2021. 


Welcome and Announcements. 


Liturgy for All Saints (in remembrance of John Hus). pg. 105

Prayers of the People 

Pastoral Prayer 

Scripture  2 Sam. 6:1-5, 12-19

Hymn 391  By All Your Saints Still Striving (1, 2a, 3) 


Holy Communion in Celebration of the Resurrection pg. 209 

  • Hymn following the Sharing of Bread  pg. 211 
  • Hymn following the Sharing of the Cup  pg. 218. 

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