Feb. 6, 2022

Feb. 6 


Welcome and Announcements 

Call to Worship “Come in Faith, Go with Peace and Live God’s Love” 

Introit    “Come in Faith”.  Gary Gipson, guitar. 

General Prayer of Intercession  pg. 115 

(Includes Prayers of the People) 

Luke 5:1-11    Karen Kahle

“Come in Faith”

Hymn 600 Jesus Calls Us (verses 1-4) 

Psalm 138   David Venditta 

“Go with Peace” 

Hymn 754   When Peace, Like a River.  

1 Corinthians 15:1-11   Karen Kahle 

“Live God’s Love” 

Hymn 792   I Serve a Risen Savior 

Lovefeast Meal 

As you enjoy special music, please help yourself to sugarcake and coffee (or chocolate milk) in the front or back of the sanctuary.   We’ll be starting our church council shortly after our worship is over and love feast is served. 

Annual Church Council Meeting

All invited to stay for this important annual gathering of our congregation as we approve the business of the church and discuss some important issue within our congregation.  

If you are watching livestream, feel free to transition to Zoom at the following address.   We hope to start around 11:30 a.m.   


Meeting ID: 831 6509 5179

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