December 4, 2022

December 4 


Welcome and Announcements 

– Updates on 2023 Pledging


Call to Worship: 

God Meets us in our Fear; 

What do we bring to this space?   Where do we cultivate peace?  

Today we light the candle of peace to remind ourselves that God is at work in this world, from generation to generation, God meet us in our fear.  

Advent Wreath Lighting  David Cole 

Moment of Silence/Confession of Fears

Family of faith, even when we forget God’s words,

God does not forget us.

Even when we lose our way,

God does not lose us.

Even when we fall short or make mistakes,

God forgives and holds us.  

Confession of Faith (Unison) 

We believe in a God who knows our fears, and says again and again, “Be not afraid.”

We believe in a God who hemmed stars into the night sky so that we can find our way home,

and who sends us friends with open doors, so we can find our way to love.

We believe in a God who finds us in our fear and does not leave us alone.

Thanks be to God for a love like that.  Amen.    

Hymn 264. Comfort, Comfort Now My People.  

Celebration of December birthdays

Hymn 447. With your Presence, Lord (Moravian Birthday Hymn).

Prayers of the People
Pastoral Prayer

Joyful Noise 

Offerings our Gifts/Remembering God’s Gifts

Hymn 819. “For the Life that You Have Given” 

Scripture    Isaiah 11:1-9,  Luke 1:26-38.   Karen Kahle 

Message  “God Meets us in our Fear”. Rev. Janel Rice 

Special Music         Chancel Choir 

Sacrament of Holy Communion in Celebration of Christ’s Coming   pg. 183 


Call to Worship and Prayers are adapted from a prayers

by Rev. Sarah (Are) Speed | A Sanctified Art LLC |, used with permission

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