January 1, 2023

Jan. 1, 2023 


Welcome and Announcements 


Call to Worship 

Congregational Watchword for 2022

 “O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will declare your praise.” (Psalm 51:15).

Hymn 310.  At your Feet, Our God and Father 

Selection of Congregational Watchword

Distribution of Watchwords 

Special Music 

Liturgy for the New Year   pg. 143

Prayers of the People 

Pastoral Prayer/Lord’s Prayer

Sharing of Offerings 


Offertory Prayer 

Scripture  Hebrews 2:10-18,  Matthew 2:13-23

Sermon    “Fear of Death”   

Hymn 706.  God Sent His Son 


Looking Ahead: 

Next Sunday, January 8th:   Holy Communion in celebration of Epiphany 

January 10- January 24, 2023:   Pastor Janel will be on a two week writing sabbatical, sponsored by the Northern Province of the Moravian Church from Tuesday, Jan. 10th – Tuesday, Jan. 24th.   She will still be available for emergencies and pastoral care.    Our student pastor Josh Follweiler will be leading worship and preaching (January 15 and 22), Tuesday Bible study (on Zoom) and have some office hours available while she is on sabbatical.  Please contact the office to be in touch with Josh.      

Annual Reports

If you are writing an annual report for a group or committee, please submit them to the office (if possible by email) by Wed, January 11th. Our annual church council is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 5th following worship.  

Sunday, January 8th: Moravian History field trip! 

Join our confirmation class on Sunday, January 8th for an exciting afternoon of learning (or refreshing your knowledge) about our incredible Moravian history right here in our backyard! We’ll start with a light lunch together after worship where Pastor Janel will lead in a short review of the early days of the Moravian Church (often called the Ancient Unity: 1457 – 1700’s). Then we’ll go to the place where the 18th century Moravians started one of their first missions in America: the Gemeine House in Bethlehem PA. This community house is now the Moravian Museum on Church St in downtown Bethlehem. Jeanne Reppert (Pastor Janel’s mom and docent at the Moravian Museum) will give our group a guided tour of the museum teaching us the history of the early Moravian settlement in Bethlehem, their businesses like the blacksmith shop and waterworks, and show us some of the notable sites like the first graveyard (God’s Acre). You can rsvp by contacting the office or sign up in the back of the church.  Suggested donation: $10 to cover lunch and Moravian Museum admission.  

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