January 15, 2023

Order of Worship – January 15, 2023

Prelude: ”Chorales in D” J. s. Bach (1685)

Welcome & Announcements

Introit: “The Angel Gabriel” English Carol

Call to Worship:

This morning we remember dreams and dreamers. Joseph’s dreams were filled with uncertainty.

We, too, know the uncertainty of dreaming. May we, like Joseph, respond in faith.

Mary dreamt about a child and a new beginning.

We, too, dream of new beginnings. May we, like Mary, respond in hope.

After encountering Jesus and being visited in their dreams, the Magi returned home differently.

God’s vision can alter our plans. May we, like the Magi, respond with our feet.

There have been many dreams and many dreamers. Today we remember Martin Luther King Jr., who dreamed of justice rolling down like the waters. He dreamed of a beloved community where all people find kinship, belonging, dignity, and love.

Like Dr. King, we, too, dream of justice and your beloved community. May we, through your, respond with our actions, our voices, and our lives.

Holy God, awaken us to our dreams and your voice speaking from within them.

Awaken us to your world, Holy God — and to the places where our greatest joy can meet the world’s greatest need.

Liturgy for Peace and Justice: p.148

Pastoral Prayer

Sharing of Offerings 

Doxology 819: “For the Love that You Have Given”

Offertory Prayer 

Joyful Noise

We will be sharing with the Outreach Team of the Lehigh Conference of Churches that travels throughout the Valley connecting with those living unsheltered to provide supplies and build trusting relationships. These outreach workers especially help in these cold (and hot) seasons seeking to explore  permanent housing options.

Pastoral Prayer

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12, pg.    John 1:29-42, pg.    Olga Pirone

Hymn: “We Are Called to Be God’s People” No. 635 v. 1,3

Message: Joshua Follweiler

Hymn: “Ye Who Called, Ye Who Called” No. 636



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