April 6, Maundy Thurs, 7 p.m.




Maundy Thursday Call to Worship

(by the Rev. Kelly Burd, UCC Worship Ways, used with permission)

Come and remember the love of Jesus, gathered at table with his friends.

We come to receive from Christ the bread of life, the cup of blessing;

Come, receive the tender service Christ offers each of us;

We come to receive the challenge of the new commandment: “Love one another.”

Come and contemplate the many temptations

of a world that would entice us, like Judas, to betray the trust of a suffering God.

We come to travel with Jesus the way of the Cross, 

so that our Easter alleluias” will take on new meaning.

Let us worship together and reflect upon the life of Christ,

May we remember what discipleship may cost, and where you have called us.  

Meditation      Josh Follweiler. 

Readings for Holy Week:    Purple Book, pages 84-94, Music Edition, 95 – 108  

Anthem.  “If it be your Will”.  (L. Cohen).  Christian Rice, vocals and piano   

Holy Communion in Celebration of Maundy Thursday   (see insert)  

Special thanks to Sam Spagnola and our guest readers.  

Thank you to Christian Rice for his gifts of special music and our guest organist, Eric Jorgenson.    The Calvary choir will rehearse immediately following this service with Eric for our Easter Service

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